Greystone Talent Advisors is a leader in offering fully customized talent acquisition services.  Greystone was created as a direct response to market demand for flexible, customized talent acquisition services which exceed the capabilities of traditional recruiting firms.  We serve global clients ranging in size from small start-ups to Fortune 50 organizations. 
Our processes have helped clients in a variety of industries to create disruptive talent acquisition teams and strategies which improve their impact on hiring as well as candidate experience and overall brand impressions.  We are improving the standards by which recruitment solutions are measured. 
We design talent acquisition solutions that reflect your personal brand, budget, resources, immediate needs and future goals.  Our robust services allow you to create a solution which is reflective of your specific position in the market, as well as the overall impact of larger market issues.  Our picture is bigger, our target is smaller and our impact is reflective of an organization who understands that change must be embraced with meaningful solutions.